Rainfall probability radar images

Time measurement on all radar and satellite images is given in Coordinated Universal Time UTC (except where noted).
Relevant official (local) time is one hour (in winter) or two hours (summer) higher. Pictures are made on the basis of current data of meteorological radars and are dependent on the availability of radar measurements of a national network of meteorological stations. There are coloured areas which indicate the likelihood of occurrence of rainfall at the given time

North Adriatic Sea

Radar image Animation

Two metereological radars (Lisca, Pasja ravan) are operated by ARSO. Chance of rainfall according to colour:
BLUE - very small, GREEN - small, YELLOW - faint, ORANGE - medium, RED - large, PURPLE - very large, storms, hail

Central Adriatic Sea

Radar image Animation

Two radar stations (RC Bilogora, RC Osijek) are operated by DHMZ. Meaning of colours:
GREY - small, BLUE - moderate, GREEN - medium, chance of storms, YELLOW - large, storms, RED - very large, storms, hail

Rainfall forecast for 1, 2 or 3 day(s)


Meteoalarm combines all the important information about climatic events produced by the national meteorological service of most European countries. The information is displayed in concert, in order to ensure as far as possible consistent interpretation across the whole of Europe.

Meteoalarm is developed in the context of EUMETNET (Network of European Meteorological Services) and is also supported by the World Meteorological Organization..

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