Satellite image of the clouds above Europe

There is a low pressure system over the Western and Central Europe. Over the Northern Adriatic partly sunny weather with expected with some rain-showers and thunderstorms, mostly over the land.

Northern Adriatic forecast

PDF - detailed forecast

Northern Adriatic morning
Northern Adriatic afternoon

Source: ARSO, last update: Today at 8:15

Forecast for the Croatian coast

Weather report issued by The Marine Meteorological Center Split on 22.05.2024 at 06


Isolated thunderstorms.


A shallow field of low is slowly filling up across the Adriatic.

Weather forecast for the Adriatic for the first 12 hours

SW and NW winds 4-14, locally up to 18 knots. The sea 2-3. Visibility 10-20 km. Partly clear skies, locally with more increased cloudiness there is a possibility of rain or rain showers with thunder.

Weather forecast for the next 12 hours

Calm or light SW and NW winds, only locally moderate. The sea smooth, in the open slight. Mist in places. Partly clear skies with likely scattered rain or rain showers with thunder.

Source: DHMZ, last update: Today at 9:35

Wind - current and forecast